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Start-up Capital Options With High Potential for Growth thumbnail

Business start-up capital provides people the opportunity to transform their ideas into workable concepts. This has many benefits including the creation of jobs and running profitable business ventures. Entrepreneurs seeking start-up capital should demonstrate experience, show the need for their business ideas in the marketplace and show sound financial discipline to assure potential investors that [...]


Effectively Train your VA or Outsourcer

Effectively Train your VA or Outsourcer thumbnail

Well done! You’ve finally decided it’s time to make more efficient use of your time, and hire a virtual assistant (VA) or outsourcer. It’s a big decision but it should be a game-changer as far as how much your business can grow with all the help you’re going to get. Obviously the first step is [...]


Is Your Online Business Leaking?

Is Your Online Business Leaking? thumbnail

It doesn’t matter if your business is just getting off the ground or whether it’s been established for many years, there will always be a time when you need to take stock. Not literally inventory your stock on hand (well you might need to do this if you are a retail business), but look at [...]


10 Common Copywriting Mistakes

10 Common Copywriting Mistakes thumbnail

It has been said that copy writing is an art. There tends to be a bit of a mystique about it, like no one can write copy except a copywriter. While it does indeed help to have a skillful copywriter close to hand, you can soon learn to write your own copy saving you precious [...]

10 Ways Make Your Staff More Productive thumbnail

With the economy presenting many challenges to business at the moment, sometimes it helps to go back to basics. The most important assets to your business are your staff, they are the ones who deliver the work and can have a direct impact on your profitability. Now more than ever it is crucial that businesses [...]

Top Tips to Reduce Your Business’s Cyber Risk thumbnail

With most businesses these days having an online presence, or using online services to fulfill many functions, it has meant that incidences of cyber crime have soared in recent years. Not only is cyber crime disruptive to any business, but it’s estimated that small businesses alone are losing up to £800 million annually from such [...]


Top 10 Ways Small Businesses Can Save Money

Top 10 Ways Small Businesses Can Save Money thumbnail

Even with prospects improving for businesses in the UK, it’s still vitally important to keep down costs and look for savings. Small businesses are particularly sensitive to increases in overheads, so reviewing your outgoings every few months is essential. To help, here are ten expense-busting ideas to streamline your business: 1. Hire freelancers. With responsibilities [...]


10 Steps to Spot the Best Candidate in a Pile of Resumes

10 Steps to Spot the Best Candidate in a Pile of Resumes thumbnail

The online job market is like a river ripe for fishing. However, as a hiring manager you’re only interested in catching the best fish possible. The internet has allowed hiring managers access to a much larger talent pool than before, but that also causes problems when you don’t know how to sift through that pool [...]

The Pros and Cons of Using a Business Credit Card thumbnail

There may come a time for any small business owner when a credit card becomes necessary. For some, it may be caused by a temporary cash flow problem, while for others it could be necessary in order to allow employees to make a company purchase. Whatever the reason, small business owner should be aware of [...]

7 Surprising Reasons Why Printer Renting Saves You Cash thumbnail

Saving cold hard cash, who isn’t excited to read about a way that you can save money! All small businesses are seeking increased profits, and one way to do that is to cut down on costs. Heres a neat way that you might not have considered. When you think about renting something, the first thing [...]