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Guest Post Guidelines & Suggestions

Guest Post Guidelines & Suggestions post image

We have been contacted by many people who wanted to write for us here on the Paper Free Invoices blog, and as such – we have written this short guide to help you create content that will thrill and satisfy our visitors. They are just guidelines, so feel free to get creative if you so choose; as we are looking for excellent bloggers who can eloquently express themselves and share with us, real high quality business advice and tips.

Guest Topics

We’re open to articles on almost everything related to running a small business, but aim to focus on topics that offer practicle advice, and actionable guides. Our blog is read by people such as sole traders, entrepreneurs, small business owners as well as other blog owners, etc.

The posts that grab the most attention from our users are tips, how-to posts, and interesting and informative lists that are easily digested.

Sub Headings

Subheadings are great for breaking up your posts, and help make them easier to read. Use the bold or h2/h3 tag to wrap your subheadings. Remember that people read blog posts often by scanning the headings, so ensure that they convey a clear and consise message.


Images are great for grabbing a visitor’s attention. If you can’t come up with an image that directly relates to what you’re writing about, think of abstract images that may illustrate your point. A few notes:

  • Images can be of any size – we will rescale them when we publish your post.
  • You must have permission to use an image, or at least use one where there is no copyright issue. Proper attribution is required.

If you aren’t able to find an image, we are more than happy to find one for you.

Size Does Matter – Post Length

We generally look for posts that are longer than 500 words, and don’t have an upper limit. If you wanted to write a 3000 word article that was well written and useful to our readers, then we would be more than happy with that length. Please bear in mind that posts that appear too long (for example, a huge wall of text with no headlines) can be daunting for readers.

Editing Your Posts

We will edit posts submitted to this blog by guest bloggers. We won’t rewrite your article, but may make grammatical changes, minor edits, title changes, photo changes, and other changes. Don’t get upset by this – we know our visitors and have a consistent approach to our articles. If a post misses the mark completely we will be honest and up front and may well suggest another title or topic for you to write on.

Exclusivity – Unique Ability

When you submit a post to us, we’re gonna assume that the post you’re writing is exclusively for use on the Paper Free Invoices website. All posts are to be used once and only once. You may not reproduce the article on your own blog, newsletter, or any other websites.

Of course, you’re welcome to write other posts about the topic elsewhere, but your work should be unique.

In-post Links

We will allow links in your posts if they are relevant to the topic you’re writing about, and not contrived. We do ask that you link to any of your sources in order to give proper attribution. Self-linking is prohibited, though you will have the opportunity to do so in your byline.

Byline / Signature

We really want to promote you as the author of your article, so request that you actually register on the site (click here) so you can include an author biography on every post that you publish. You can also enter your twitter details, Google+ page and website, so that Author Rank correctly gets attributed to you (on this page).

Once Your Article Has Gone Live

Respond to Comments – Our readers really like to get involved with the conversation and often ask for clarification about certain points in the articles. By participating with our visitors, you raise your profile and increase the chances that the reader will want to connect with you or visit your website. Please be timely and appropriate in your comments.

Promote the article via social media – Be sure to share your article via social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, Digg, Stumbleupon and of course, be sure to let others in your circles know as well. The more people know about the post and that see it, the better your chances of seeing new colleagues and traffic to your site. We will promote your post on Twitter and Google+ as a matter of course.

Link to the post on your own website or blog – Your own readers and users will certainly want to see what you’ve got to say, and letting them know about your guest post on our site will allow them to do that.

We want to thank you for your interest in getting involved Paper Free Invoices, and hope that by sharing your work with us, we can in turn help promote you too.


  • 500 words+
  • Use of headlines desirable
  • Please register as an author here and fill out your bio here
  • Only submit QUALITY content
  • Respond to comments

Get In Touch with us

Click here -> http://www.paperfreeinvoice.com/contact-us/ to send us a message to begin the conversation about guest blogging on the Paper Free Invoice Blog.