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Want to prevent Customer loss? Polish your customer service.

Want to prevent Customer loss? Polish your customer service. post image

The cutthroat competition in the global market is rendering even the best marketing and customer retention strategies to fall flat. The revolution of technology has shrunk the world and now the local wholesale suppliers have to face intense competition from the international giants, who not only offer dirt-cheap prices but also promise delivery at your doorstep. The price wars, joint ventures, and downsizing are somehow unhealthy strategies but unfortunately, all of this has become the need of the time for staying ahead of competitors.

Wholesale business is a large-scale business that deals in large quantity and losing even a single customer in this business can be a huge financial loss. This loss becomes even more evident if the number of clients you are serving is few. Instead of using unethical practices to beat your competition and retain your clients, the best strategy is to polish your customer service, since it is the key to keep your customers happy and satisfied. How intelligently Michael LeBoeuf has narrated this in his words, “A satisfied customer is the best business strategy of all.”

Unhappy customers can spoil your image!

Now almost all wholesale suppliers offer huge discounts and provide real value in their offers but why one supplier posses a large customer base while other, despite the same mark-ups, has less or no customers at all? The difference lies in the quality of their customer service. Wholesale suppliers must know that the biggest threat to their reputation is not posed by their competitors but instead it is posed by their unsatisfied customers. If your customers are unhappy, and you have not taken proper action to fix their issues, not only will you lose them but also many other potential prospects that you could win through their reference.

How you can prevent losing a customer?

One of the reasons for losing your loyal customer could be your customer service. The fact is businesses cannot prevent customer loss, but customer service representatives can. Always remember customers treat your company the way they are treated by your company and if you want to have long business relationships with them, it’s your foremost duty to figure out their issues and fix their problems. If you are customer service has failed to retain clients in the past then it is time to train them by keeping the following points in mind.

1. People always want someone to listen to their problems, so always listen to the problem of the customer carefully, and try to figure out what made them unhappy. Since courtesy is to business what oil is to machinery, always be polite with the customer and never hang up.

2. Train your customer service staff to bear the anger of unhappy customers, since they are annoyed at the problem and not on them. Tell them to stay calm and never say anything in return, since “customer is always right.” Never try to indulge in any sort of argument because it is never worth losing a customer.

3. Be more considerate. Put yourself in the place of your customers and try to think the problem from their point of view. This will allow you to show empathetic attitude through your words, postures, and gestures. Show that you care for them and are really interested to sort out their problems in the best possible way.

4. Do not be egoistic and feel bothered about the inconvenience. Don’t be shy to apologise. However, a humble apology does not work alone if you are not fixing the problem. Try to fix the problem in the best possible way and in least possible time. In order to win his trust again and retain him in the business provide extra value to him in the form of free gift, free replacement, fee delivery or free discount coupons.

This guest blog post was written by Sasha Gibbs who is a B2B wholesale trade and B2B marketing expert. She writes frequently on the topics related to drop shipping, distributors, wholesalers and trade suppliers.

About the author: Paper Free Invoices started out as a small blog for my invoicing software business Paper Free Billing but has morphed into something much more useful. I’ve really enjoyed reading the guest articles and speaking with guest publishers so much so I’m always looking for talented bloggers to contribute. If you have any questions or feedback on this article, please find your voice in the comment section, we will try to answer every genuine comment!

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  • J Fields

    Just going out of your way to make a customer happy can garner a lot more business as they will communicate your efforts with their social circle. Just don’t get carried away with it, it might bring in more business, but at what cost to you. Think ahead and act accordingly.

  • Phyllis Moore

    These are great tips for diffusing potential confrontations with customers who are unhappy. I agree on all points.

    First and foremost, the customer wants to be heard and to speak out about his/her dissatisfaction. I know that the times I have contacted a company’s customer service with an issue to be resolved, I have so much appreciated it when the person on the other line takes the time to listen and takes steps to rectify the issue.

    When they are able to resolve the issue as well as offer me some kind of concession — discounts, free shipping, etc. as you mention in #4 — it means a great deal. I also tend to take the time and effort to offer positive feedback and/or reviews so as to reinforce this kind of behavior.