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The Importance of SEO for Your Online Business

The Importance of SEO for Your Online Business post image

Of course, you can manage without search engine optimization, but it definitely makes a lot of sense to take advantage of certain techniques to help grow your online business. A lot of people use search engines to find their desired products, and it will definitely help your business if it’s listed high on Search Engine Results Pages.

Here are a few other interesting reasons why you should consider investing your time on search engine optimization, especially when starting your business online.

A Better Option than Buying Links

Many people try to improve their traffic by buying backlinks, and it’s true that if you get backlinks from other websites, it will definitely help you get direct traffic. However, it will not last long, which is mainly because most sites don’t stay popular for long. In order to get targeted traffic, you will have to spend money. With links from different websites, there will be chances of getting enough quality traffic that will keep your business going.

On the other hand, using SEO techniques on your own will keep you from spending any money at all. The most important thing about search engine optimization is that it’s not a one-off deal. What it implies is that you have to stay regular with your link building effort, and should add some diversity to your campaign to ensure that your traffic comes from different websites, so if one goes down, you still have traffic coming from the other websites. Therefore, always bear in mind that SEO is all about starting a campaign and then maintaining it over a long period.

A Better Option than Affiliate Adverts

Just like link building, you can get direct traffic through affiliate advertising. The good thing about this option is that it often works quite quickly – you start experiencing an increase in your traffic very quickly. Of course, it is a lot faster as compared to any form of search engine optimization, but you won’t have many choices if you come with a limited budget, which is often the case with more entrepreneurs when they start a new business.

With search engine optimization, you can expect quality traffic without having to spend any money. That’s not the case with affiliate adverts, as they often cost you a lot; in fact, you will have to pay more to maintain that flow of traffic from these adverts. Your SEO campaign may take a while to produce results, but it doesn’t cost you any money.

Take Your Business to Places

Considering the fact that people from all over the world come online and use search engines to collect information about a particular subject or to make a purchase, it is always a good idea to be there in the results pages to get traffic from all parts of the world.

Improving Your Business’s Visibility

One interesting thing about search engines is that they offer information to several other mining tools – these tools collect info from search engines and create their own directories. If you enjoy good search engine rankings, the chances are that your business will be listed in these directories, which in turn will improve your online visibility. However, you have to ensure that your website is optimized properly, as it will help search engines index your site quickly – this will also help other online tools and directories figure what your site is all about and where they should place you.

The Importance of Using Correct SEO Techniques

The fact of the matter is that optimizing your website for search engines will make it easier for search engines to find your site and rank it accordingly. With good search engine rankings, you are going to get several benefits. However, it is of immense importance to use correct SEO techniques, or else you will never be able to rank up through the SERP. You have to use different SEO techniques and use them properly, as that’s the only way to improve your rankings and maintain your position for long.

Here, it is worth mentioning that search engine is all about using certain techniques that are designed keeping search engine algorithm and guidelines in mind. The purpose of using these techniques is to make your website more search engine friendly. This way, it will become easier for search engines to present your site to a user when they use a keyword to search your types of products. So, never overlook the importance of conducting an SEO campaign, especially if you are still new in the world of online business.

About the author: Korah Morrison is a writer for this essay writing serviceand savvy blogger.

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  • oivas

    Hello Korah,

    It is so true that we need to take some steps and put in some efforts for SEO. The only challenge is that the new businesses do have constraints of time and money. The constraints of money makes them run for business and the constraints on time make them outsource SEO.

    If only they could do a tight rope walk between time and money, I am sure they can utilize the benefits of SEO. I used to do it for our website which was selling supply chain solutions and can vouch for the benefits. Thanks for sharing this article!

  • MoBowen

    Korah… You’re right. Optimizing your website for the search engines is an important task. As much as I rant and rave about Google’s constant changes, the bottom line is that Google and Yahoo (and even Bing) deliver a very decent amount of traffic to my sites.

    I think one of the best reasons for website optimization is that the traffic from search engines tend to stick around longer because people are actively seeking a solution. It’s not like seeing an ad on a blog and clicking on it because it looks interesting.

    Search engine users have a certain goal in mind. If your site is in direct view at the time they’re trying to meet that goal, you significantly increase your chances of making a sale.

    • Phyllis Moore

      MoBowen, good points. I’m actually relieved that Google has made so many algorithm changes in recent years. For those of us who have Web sites that have always followed the appropriate SEO guidelines, we are now being rewarded.

      Quality content is what draws in the viewer who finds your site via the search engines. Quality content will convert a viewer into a reader and/or a buyer. But if your quality content winds up on page 2 or beyond in the SERPs because of those who have landed on page 1 and above the fold with underhanded and manipulative SEO practices , it is the search engine user who suffers as much as the site owner who played by the rules.

      It’s no wonder Google has done so many algorithm changes in recent years. They still want to continue as the industry leader in search engines. They know that users will go elsewhere if all they find are low quality sites in the SERPs.

  • Phyllis Moore

    Thanks for the SEO tips. As you point out, it’s important for businesses to rank well in the search engines in order to increase the possibility of prospects finding them when they search for keywords.

    To do so these days, businesses need to follow acceptable SEO guidelines — i.e. white hat SEO — and avoid black hat techniques that could wind up penalizing them, especially in Google, in light of the many algorithm updates. It’s very useful to consult the Google Webmaster Guidelines to know exactly what is considered acceptable SEO and what is not.

    Linkbuilding, for instance can be problematic, and businesses will need to be very cautious. Ideally links should happen naturally because other Web sites find the content of interest and will want to link to it. The days of getting a large amount of links to bolster rankings in the SERPs are over. It really needs to be quality links from quality sites, and sparingly.

    I also think that companies should consider having a blog on their Web site and they should update it frequently. They will have a chance to showcase their products and services as well as to provide valuable information that will draw in readers. This is also helpful for SEO purposes, as Web sites that are frequently updated can bolster their rankings for various keywords, as their content increases. Additionally, getting more visitors who spend more time on the site, who visit more pages also helps. And of course, getting interested and engaged visitors on the site may ultimately lead to more sales.

  • Scottf14

    SEO is a concept that many people try to explain but few manage to actually get right. Your article did exactly the opposite. Everything mentioned was explained effectively and I am glad to see the comparisons. Far too many people think that SEO is only about stringing a few keywords together to get the search engines to notice their page.

    • sha2814

      I agree!
      As I entered the freelance writer profession – I felt that SEO was just some ambiguous thing I would never grasp. I often spent hours trying to figure this ‘art’ out – as though learning a foreign language! LOL!

      Korah, thank you for laying out these tips in a manner that is easy to understand and even easier to integrate!

  • This is a great intro for small businesses. After a very long ‘technology resistance,’ I finally came online and the learning curve was almost overwhelming. Unfortunately, there are very few good guides that actually speak to the layperson, empowering them to use SEO on their own.

    So many folks hear SEO and think it is about a few keywords or metadata or tagging, but it really gets much deeper. The more I have studied SEO and done it for my clients, the more I have come to realize that it truly is an art.

    I would be interested, Korah, are you planning to make this a series with, perhaps, some SEO tips for business owners? Or do you know of any good guides that business owners (the regular joe business owner) could get their hands on to brush up on their SEO skills a bit?

    I really would love to go down this road a little farther.

    • oivas

      Hello TheAspertarian

      I must admit I belong to that category of people who do not understand SEO in depth. I do a bit of work around it and have had marginal success.

      As much as you would love to read more about the SEO series, I would too look forward to Korah’s inputs on this matter. That is if Korah is kind enough write more series on this topic.

      Thanks Aspertarian and Korah!

  • It is so true that when you optimize your sites for the search engines, you are taking your website to a whole new level.

    Backlinking plays a vital role in SEO when done right and most of the time search engines do not like when you go about buying links back to your site to get traffic.

    All in all, SEO has to be a combintation of both off page and on page so that your website will be totally optimized.

    If you are offering a product or service and can rank well in the search engines, you can establish yourself as the place to go and the traffic you get thru your rankings will help build up your business.

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts on SEO!

  • Thank you for your answers and warm words!

  • I agree with the importance of SEO within your websites. However, this is from the view of a relative new boy to the whole SEO world.

    When developing a blog or website now, I really quite enjoy the process of looking for keywords, using them in H1 and H2 tags while doing the same for my images.

    I think the best bit however, is when I see the Google analytics report and I see my searches increase so showing me that my own little piece of SEO is working.

    Lots more to learn though !!