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The Benefits of Paperless Invoicing

The Benefits of Paperless Invoicing post image

Invoicing can be a laborious process which wastes time and costs money, but the procedure can be streamlined by investing in some online invoice software, which will allow you manage the whole invoicing lifecycle. Allowing customers to pay you directly online removes the step of printing and posting out an invoice; it speeds up the process significantly, cuts costs and reduces your company’s eco-footprint in the process.

The best thing about invoicing digitally is that online management tools act out the full customer lifecycle, automating many tasks which would have usually required manual action. For example, after punching in a few details, the invoice can be sent off to the customer and upon their payment a thank you message be sent right back. Automatically. Similarly, if a customer has not paid within 30 days, a reminder email can be sent easily.

With a variety of templates to choose from, all you need do is drop your logo in to personalise and brand the invoice and you are ready to go – paperless invoicing at its best.

If your company does not yet make use of online billing, this should be a priority. No longer will you need to manually manage requests for payment or follow ups, freeing up your time for performing more valuable tasks.

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