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Are great business people unreliable?

Are great business people fundamentally unreliable?

Following an interesting debate over on Pistonheads and some good points being raised. I personally agree that looking after every single customer and client as well as you can will build you a sound foundation which will allow your small business to continue operating through tough economic downturns and quiet periods.

Two quotes I liked and agreed with were:

It baffles me no end how some companies or one man bands don’t understand that without customers they won’t have a business very long. Why waste time and effort continually trying to find new customers when well looked after existing customers are easier administrively to maintain, come back repeatedly and pay you better margins?


In years gone by, it always seemed to be the bigger companies that simply couldn’t grasp it.However,it’s now prevalent in small companies/ one man bands as as well! Customer service is the easiest thing to get right, and the easiest to get wrong.

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