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If you look at how many companies currently manage their invoicing, the method they use is often somewhat archaic. First you need a system to create and track invoices, which usually tries to double up as an entire office suite meaning it’s slow and bloated and overly complicated to use. Secondly, you need a professional printer set up to ensure that printed invoices are sent out fully branded.

Employing an online invoice software such as Paper Free Billing, to manage invoices is a much more efficient way to work. This is especially for small business owners who may need access to their business finances from various locations which a system that uses a web interface will allow you to do. Ultimately however, the best thing about managing invoices online is the ability to send requests for payment out to clients digitally. This removes the printing and posting step which is costly both in terms of money and the environment.

If you run a small business, or even if you are reading this as an employee of a large company, you can work a lot quicker and more efficiently by dispensing with the age old method of posting out invoices to customers and harnessing an effective online solution. There may be a need to inform the client that they will be receiving paperless invoices in the future but once the small learning curve is mastered it should be plain sailing.

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