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Five of the Most Popular Website Analytics Tools

In order for an online business to thrive website owners must have a good control over what is happening at all times, and in order to do that one needs to be properly armed with information.  When it comes to online business analysis this information comes from website analytics tools which, as you can imagine, were designed for the sole purpose of allowing people to accurately monitor every possible aspect of their website.  However, over the last few years many companies wanted to get into the fray with some kind of software of their own, so here is a brief overview of the seven most popular website analytics tools which are in use today.


Google Analytics – Website  

Free Version: No

Google’s longest standing competitor has released website analytics tools of its own which has achieved a certain level of praise as they may actually have the most pleasant interface out there, not to mention that they provide extremely accurate readings when compared to other software. Also one benefit I’d like to mention, the readings are done in real time.

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    I think we lost the rest of the post. Or Google just wants us to see Google Analytics and forget the rest! 🙂

    • Yes quite, it seems there was some missing information from this post when we migrated from Posterous to Wordpress. I’ll see if I can dig out the rest of it!