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Are you doing enough for the environment?

It’s 2011 and more and more people are getting concerned with renewable energies and saving the environment. With banks now offering paperless statements and encouraging their users to do all their banking online, a real need is opening up for small businesses to offer the option to invoice their customers entirely online.

This not only helps the environment by saving paper and ink, it also significantly reduces costs for the small business owner.

As we have been in a global recession for some time now, companies large and small are looking for ways to cut their costs and this is a method which could really work, but for it to operate efficiently both the company and its clients must be on the same page (metaphorically, given the context!). This means that the client understands they will receive no printed invoice in the post, and that they must action the request for payment sent digitally.

There is an element of education, especially for larger businesses where processes must be streamlined to work, but ultimately removing the physical aspect from invoicing saves time, money and helps reduce their impact on the environment, which can only be a good thing.

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