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6 Tips To Make Your Business Look More Professional

6 Tips To Make Your Business Look More Professional post image

If organization isn’t your strong suit, you could be unknowingly doing you business a disservice. Think about the last time you visited the office of someone you thought about doing business with. If it were a mess with things all over the place wouldn’t you be a bit skeptical about how organized they would be with your business? Here are some tips for helping your business look more professional.

1) Stay Organized

No matter how much professional work comes out of your business, nobody will believe it when the place looks like a pigsty. As we all know, presentation means a lot in the workplace. Failure to dress appropriately and clean up well could completely ruin an excellent job interview. The same goes for the office. When your place of business appears unorganized and unmaintained, nobody will want to go there in the first place. Customers who do decide to walk through the front doors will likely never return. First impressions are a big deal in the business world so make yours a good one and you will have a much greater of chance of drawing back a few familiar faces.

2) Simplicity is Beauty

A professional setting should appear professional. But what does that really mean? To start off, you should only purchase the essential equipment and furnishings for your type of business. If you run your business out of a simple office, some necessary items might include a desk, office chair, laptop computer, printer, and some extra seating for your customers. You would not want to decorate with a poster of your favorite rock band on the wall or a stuffed moose head plaque from your latest hunting adventure. This is not to say that it is wrong to add a bit of decoration to accentuate the environment. Choose appropriate furnishings for your specific type of workplace, and do not over-personalize.

3) Color Schemes

Depending on your type of business, certain color schemes will either make it pop or flop. As unfortunate as it may be, there are already accepted societal norms for how certain things should be. Just like with business attire, a professional office space should be clean and sophisticated. To enhance an office space, stick to neutrals. Colors such as white, black, and any shade in between are classic hues. White and black are probably the most elegant colors of all. They are commonly associated with the suit and dress shirt or tuxedo. Bright and flashy colors are usually inappropriate for a professional office space, but those colors might work well for other businesses such as a restaurant or tattoo parlor.

4) Good Use of Space

The arrangement of all items means everything to the overall ambiance of a business. Poor arrangement can negatively affect the way customers feel about the place. For example, furniture located too closely to the main entrance can block the natural flow of traffic, making the location seem uninviting. A place that is over-stuffed or cluttered will also drive customers away. It is necessary to keep things neat and tidy in every corner of the space. It might be a good idea to turn to an interior designer to help you make optimal use of your space.

5) Lighting

Good lighting can really transform a space into a completely different one. Using the proper lighting is essential to giving your place of business the finished look that it requires. A location that is perfect in every way but has poor lighting can appear abandoned and frightening. Lack of lighting, whether natural or not, will ruin the space because everything else will remain hidden. Even if they exist, nobody will be able to see the great furniture, excellent layout, and beautiful furnishings. Although most business owners focus their attention on artificial lighting, putting thought into natural lighting can also add a lot to the overall look and feel of a place. The direction which the light enters the building and how much it floods the area are two important aspects to consider.

6) Display Noteworthy Awards

It is acceptable to decorate your walls with certifications, awards, and other forms of public recognition. This can show your customers that you are dedicated to your business and that you are serious about your work. Professional certifications add more legitimacy to your business and they are things that knowledgeable customers tend to look for. Just remember not to overdo the display of awards as this can seem a bit tacky. Walls covered in insignificant plaques can send out the message that you are trying too hard, and this usually gives the customer a bad overall impression.

Liza is a blogger who practices what she preaches when it comes to organizing her business. She conducts her daily writing from her computer workstation and believes organization is the key to success!

About the author: Paper Free Invoices started out as a small blog for my invoicing software business Paper Free Billing but has morphed into something much more useful. I’ve really enjoyed reading the guest articles and speaking with guest publishers so much so I’m always looking for talented bloggers to contribute. If you have any questions or feedback on this article, please find your voice in the comment section, we will try to answer every genuine comment!

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  • Conor Brooks

    Looking professional also stems from acting professional. Too many times I have seen a business lose customers because of a non-professional acting staff. This affects restaurants and retail stores mainly.

    • Trouble is when restaraunts pay servers minimum wage, they don’t really have any interest in seeing the business suceed – they are purely there to get money by doing an easy job. If restaurants were to pay an honest wage to staff, spend time and money investing in their training and actually treat them like a valued member of staff (which they are) then I’d be willing to bet money that establishments where this was implimented could be a far more professional looking business (because they WILL be more professional!)

  • Phyllis Moore

    A business environment that looks professional is also going to be a morale booster to the employees. I did office temp work for many years and I was always amazed at the wide variety of office settings I would find. Some were much more hospitable than others. Furnishings that were clean and ergonomic meant a lot to me as they enabled me to be more effective at the job. Lighting was important too. Lighting that was overly bright — e.g. too many overhead fluorescent fixtures — was just as troublesome as insufficient light.

    Such details as these would not be lost on potential customers and clients entering an office or other workspace. They too want to feel comfortable and respected by not being in an environment that is in anyway unfavorable or inhospitable.

    • Thanks Phyllis a very good comment, yes it’s true that a well lit, properly decorated and designed office space will also make you look a more professional operation! Some of the offices I have worked in, because they were not used for customers to visit, the management felt that it was acceptable to literally spend no money in the upkeep of the internal office space, meaning that it was dated, run down and shabby. Had it been a customer facing office, I’m sure that would have reflected badly upon the business!

  • sha2814

    I love the tips in the article! I agree that how you use your space is critical to success. It represents you and your professionalism.
    However, I also think that decor/design should be specific to the industry of your business. Not all small business is in the field of ‘corporate office’ environment. In fact, some industries are served better by a bit more ‘personality’ in their space. Lighting, use of space, organization are still important. However, maybe using a theme with colors or decor can boost your brand – i.e. sports themes, etc.