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What do business brokers do?

What do business brokers do? thumbnail

Buying and selling your business can be a stressful, complicated and time-consuming project. A business broker is there to take some off the pressure away from you, make sure you get the best possible deal, and negotiate on your behalf. The main point of a business broker is that they act as an intermediary between [...]

Five Styles That Breed Success At the Work Place thumbnail

If you’re like many people who are looking to succeed in the work place, you probably know that a good appearance can do wonders for how you feel — and with that confidence you’ll probably see results in how people respond to you. When we feel good about ourselves, others feel good about us too. [...]

A Guide To Selling Your Small Business thumbnail

If you are looking to sell your SME then you should be aware that it can be a complicated process and one that can take a lot of time. It’s vital that you carry out the proper ‘prep work’ in order to make the sales process easy and transparent and the prospect of buying your [...]


The Cloud Isn’t Just For The Big Boys

The Cloud Isn’t Just For The Big Boys thumbnail

Depending on your age and level of experience in the business world, you might recall the old days of technology when setting up a server in your office to handle email and document storage was something you’d pay a lot of money for. And then you’d pay for a service contract for those times when [...]


5 Tips to Choose an E-commerce Hosting Package for Business

5 Tips to Choose an E-commerce Hosting Package for Business thumbnail

It is not difficult to find a hosting package these days as they are very heavily advertised on the Internet. It is a little harder to sift through them to find the good and the bad ones, but online reputations have a habit of sticking. You can blame this on the happy online nerd community [...]

How to Improve your Business Reputation thumbnail

Often a business’s success will be made by the reputation of the company. A bad reputation, whether it is a true reflection or not, can cause fewer new customers and a decline in profits. Creating the reputation you feel the organisation deserves doesn’t have to require huge financial investment, the key is to make the [...]

How Important Is Communication When You Are The Leader thumbnail

Four Tips On How To Develop Your Communication Skills. Leadership is influenced by all kinds of factors. It’s influenced by technology, team work, power, intelligence, authority, adaptability, versatility and communication skills. However, of all these different qualities, communication skills are often ignored by many up and coming leaders. The reason behind this is because people [...]


The Importance of SEO for Your Online Business

The Importance of SEO for Your Online Business thumbnail

Of course, you can manage without search engine optimization, but it definitely makes a lot of sense to take advantage of certain techniques to help grow your online business. A lot of people use search engines to find their desired products, and it will definitely help your business if it’s listed high on Search Engine [...]

How One Company Achieved Success by Embracing Technology thumbnail

Technology has revolutionised the way that we do business, but not every industry has advanced at the same rate. Some companies are still using outdated systems and methods to process orders, manage stock and communicate information. One business partnership identified a need for technological advancement in the industry. Frustrated by the outdated processes in Britain’s [...]


Your Rates – Could You Easily Be Charging More?

Your Rates – Could You Easily Be Charging More? thumbnail

Starting a new business is so exciting. The business owner has so much to share with their potential customers they’re practically bubbling over. But they’re also a little scared and those little voices in their head makes them wonder if they’re giving enough value for what they’re charging. “What if I’m charging too much?” “What [...]